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Recommendations + References

I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best journalists and media makers in the game! Here are some nice things they said about me. Learn more about my wonderful former colleagues over on LinkedIn.



"Isis is one of the most creative people I know. We met working at Public Radio International, where she routinely had the freshest angles for covering big news -- the stories you want to see when an issue is saturated -- and she continues to do that now that we're business partners. Co-hosting and producing Las Cafecitas with her means always having the pulse of cultural and political movements from social justice causes that sweep Hollywood to folk idols from decades ago that influence the arts today. Isis is near-savant status when it comes to arts/culture trends, and her sensibilities will never be out of touch. I couldn't be more delighted to work with her."


Joyce Hackel: Producer, The World (BBC/PRI/WGBH)


"Isis Madrid is an asset to any team. She's sharp, creative and has a firm grip on the social media landscape."


T.J. Raphael: Digital editor, The Takeaway (WNYC/NYT/PRI)

"Isis is a pleasure to work with! Her work is compelling, and she has a sharp eye for news. She handles multiple project and deadlines in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner. She would be an excellent addition to any newsroom or content team."


Stephen Snyder: Senior Producer, The Wolrd (BBC/WGBH/PRI)

"Isis Madrid is young enough to be digitally native and old enough to have a wealth of journalistic experience. Her enthusiasm for her work at The World was a frequently tapped resource. Working on our Across Women's Lives initiative, Isis created the look and feel of the digital presentation. And Isis went into the field to document, report and produce audio, video and stills. Ask her about Mumbai. She always meets her deadlines. And brings joy to the people around her. I can recommend Isis Madrid to you without hesitation. You'll enjoy interviewing her."


Patrick Cox: Language editor, The World (BBC/WGBH/PRI); Host, The World in Words podcast

"I really enjoyed working with Isis. Our paths crossed on several projects. She always offered thoughtful, informed advice-- and just made things happen. As it turned her skill set perfectly complimented ours, especially on the social media side. Plus, Isis has a delightful, winning personality!"


Carol Hills: Senior producer, The World (BBC/WGBH/PRI)

"Isis is a great journalist, very creative, works well on deadlines, a joy to work with, and is constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to convey news stories. She's especially strong at finding the best way to use digital media to convey a story. I highly recommend her!"


Julia Barton: Story Editor, Revisionist History + The Grift (Panoply Media); Former series editor Across women's Lives (BBC/WGBH/PRI)

"I worked with Isis for a year as editor of the "Across Women's Lives" series from PRI's The World. Isis is organized, innovative, and full of great ideas. She pushed our outreach on the series, bringing in new audiences across platforms and cultures. And she was an intrepid reporter of her own, traveling with the team to Eastern Africa and Mumbai. Any media organization would be lucky to have her on board."


Patrick Winn: Asia Correspondent, The World (BBC/WGBH/PRI)

"In my experience with Isis at, her social media finesse would often determine whether a post received scant attention or tens of thousands of shares. Very adept at her job and full of strong ideas."


Tory Starr: Director of social media, WGBH

"I am a huge fan of Isis' work with Across Women's Lives. She approaches each reporting project with an audience-first mindset, creating content that is emotionally resonant and impactful. I have always been impressed with Isis' forward thinking in creating content that makes people want to lean-forward and engage."


Jeremy Helton: Vice President of Marketing & Communications, audioBoom

"I was really impressed with Isis' social media promotion of a live podcast event for PRI's "The World in Words" that took place at the New York Public Library in 2016. So I asked her if she would be interested in creating content for a social media campaign spotlighting Hispanic and Latinx podcasters with whom AudioBoom works. 

The campaign included over a dozen shows, in English and Spanish, from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US. It was critical that the campaign reflect diverse cultures and dialects as well as the unique style of each show. And, of course, it had to be fun!

In no time at all Isis familiarized herself with dozens of shows and crafted entertaining, catchy text for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and worked with me and my designer to create eye-catching graphics to accompany those posts. 

Isis also worked with AudioBoom's Director of Content Partnerships, Hispanic Market & LATAM to compose a blog post that highlighted select podcasts from Argentina.

This was the first time AudioBoom launched a dedicated campaign to celebrate these partnerships and it was such a success we plan on repeating the campaign again."


Joshua Neuman: Founder, Heretofor Agency; Former Head of Content, GOOD Worldwide

"Isis was a regular contributor to GOOD Magazine while I was its Head of Content. She is more than just an excellent writer--she is a big thinker who is as lucid while writing about popular culture as she is about politics and has an uncanny ability to address both at once. Since leaving GOOD, I have continued to follow her byline and you should too!"


Matthew Bell: Correspondent, The World (BBC/WGBH/PRI)

"Isis is a sharp and dedicated journalist. We worked together at The World public radio program, based at WGBH in Boston. Throughout her time in the newsroom, I was continually impressed with the way Isis could conjure up a clever angle on just about any given story that would engage our audience by revealing something new, something under-reported, or just attention-grabbing on a human level. Her digital journalism chops are also outstanding. I'm happy to provide further info on request."